Travel gifts for him or her: Perfect gifts for the traveler in your life

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Perfect Travel Gifts For Him Or Her

Any time of year is the time of year for travel gifts for him or her. We can help you find the perfect gifts for the traveler in your life – or perhaps a few super practical or fun items for you, too.

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The very best travel gifts for him or her are often very practical items – sometimes small things the traveler in your life will deem a perfect gift simply because they make travel more comfortable, convenient or, dare we say, fun.

The list below features travel gifts that everyone from frequent travelers to those who travel only occasionally will find wonderful and useful.

5.11 pants – Pockets … lots of them … plus comfort and durability. For travel pants with plenty of storage space for your smartphone, wallet, extra batteries, flashlight and maybe a snack or two, 5.11 pants have it going on for both men and women. You need to get past the “tactical” part since 5.11 makes pants for police, rangers and military, but that’s why the brand recognizes the need for pockets. Some pants are looser, some slimmer and more urban, some cotton and some have great stretch. 5.11 finds places for pockets that you just don’t find elsewhere. Women in particular can rejoice!

Therese In 511 Pants Travel Gifts For Him Or Her

Therese sports her now fave 5.11 pants in Maine along with a Nite Ize phone anchor combined with a tether and lanyard she attaches to her belt loop to ensure she doesn’t do an oopsie with her smartphone on night shoots. Photo courtesy Klaus-Peter Statz.

Kuhl pants – We are huge fans of Kuhl, having known the brand since its early days in 1989 when it was a mountain lifestyle brand known as Alfwear. Michael recommends the company’s Navigatr pants (despite a snap closure that tends to pop open, demanding a belt) and Therese adores the and Hörizn Skinny (despite pockets that should be a smidge deeper) – just two possibilities of a large range of super comfy pants for travel or for life.

Travel Gifts Kuhl Pants Railbiking

Yup, Kuhl pants can move with you, even on a rail bike adventure.

Sea to Summit – This is a brand we just LOVE for all things travel and road trip. The Sea to Summit Delta Bowl and collapsible X Plate and X Bowl are super compact and lightweight and double as cutting boards … perfect for the road trip traveler in your life. Or the super simple, light Delta Bowl. Peek at Sea to Summit’s extensive travel line, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect gifts for the traveler, like the Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag (which both of us love) or the Ultra-Sil Dry Waterproof Day Pack we both use (super lightweight and compact). Get ready to shop for every traveler or camper in your life.

Delta Bowl Sea To Summit Perfect Gifts For The Traveler

The light Sea to Summit Delta Bowl is a stable for road trips.

Think Tank Retrospective camera bags — Both of us practically live out of our Retrospective camera bags when in the field, be it on safari or wandering around an urban environment shooting street and travel scenes. If the traveler in your life is into photography, even casually –with anything from point-and-shoots to DSLRs — you will find a perfect size Retrospective camera bag for everyone that look pretty dang cool, too.

Perfect Gifts For The Traveler Think Tank Retrospective

The Think Tank Photo Retrospective shoulder bag (here, Michael with the 20L size in Berlin) has a cool urban look that doesn’t scream “photo gear inside.” Photo courtesy Sigrid Doesseler.


Our award-winning photos make a perfect gift – to yourself, a friend, or a family member. Prints for a wall, on a desk, as greeting cards, cozy fleece blankets, ornaments, fridge magnets, coffee mugs, luggage tags, coasters, mouse pads and puzzles.  

Nite Ize – If there is one company that has an amazing selection of perfect travel gifts for him or her, it is Nite Ize. We’ve been using and relying on Nite Ize accessories for decades and will have at least two or three items packed in our luggage, packs, and carry-ons for every adventure. From the Spotlit LED Carabiner (have one clipped to each of our camera bags) to the Gear Tie Cordable to RunOff Waterproof Packing Cubes, the gifts are practical, functional, and perfect for any kind of travel. You’ll have so much fun perusing the line, you may end up with gifts for you, too!

Sol Sunguard sunscreen – If there is one thing that is always in our bag, summer or winter, it is sunscreen. Skin protection is vital, wherever in the world you go, from around the block to Antarctica. And Sol Sunguard’s line has the right blend of broad-spectrum blockers such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that are better for you. Plus, Sol’s blend is clear so you won’t end up with white face.

Ravean Hand Warmer / Powerbank – For those travelers who suffer from uncomfortably chill hands in cold weather, a gift that keeps them warm will make them forever grateful. There are plenty of rechargeable handwarmers but these from Ravean have an insulating cork exterior that also makes them pleasant to the touch. Plus, they double as a powerbank! Who could ask for anything more?

Ravean Hand Warmer Perfect Travel Gift

Titanium Spork – We’ve been fans of sporks since they were first launched in the United States by Light My Fire, a Swedish company. There have been many versions and multitudes of imitators, but we’re still partial to the originals. In fact, an especially durable, light titanium Spork is an omnipresent companion that we pack into our luggage on every trip we take. You never know what a picnic, hike or hotel meal will happen!

Pirani tumbler – We were only recently introduced to the Pirani line and really quite love the Pirani 16-ounce party tumbler – insulated for hot or cold beverages, plus – and this is one of the best parts – a leak-proof lid that seals down well so you won’t worry about spills in the car or at your desk. Here’s a fun design element: Those lines on the mug designate different levels of liquid, such as 1 ounce, 2 ounce, 5 ounce, etc., so you get the perfect shots or wine pours.

Pirani Tumbler Perfect Travel Gift

Furoshiki shoes from Vibram — Furoshiki refers to the Japanese art of fabric wrapping, which is why Vibram adopted the name to describe its unique footwear. Therese is a fan of the lightweight Furoshiki shoes as they are extremely compact, lightweight, and supremely comfortable, with a good Vibram sole. Perfect as slippers around the hotel, VRBO or cruise ship, without looking like slippers – in fact, with colors and designs that have people stopping, pointing and saying, wow, love those shoes.

Furoshiki Shoes Vibram Travel Gifts For Him Or Her

The Furoshiki side wraps help you adjust width and size.

Kenu Stance Tripod for smartphones — Facetime, Zoom, movie watching, self-timer shots and more have become a part of nearly every traveler’s life on the road and at home. A Kenu Stance Tripod makes it much easier by providing a convenient, lightweight, and compact stand for iPhones and Androids. They fold together super tiny and will even hang on a keychain, not much bigger than a key! Great for “selfies” of a group that look normal sans stick.

Vapur collapsible bottle – Carrying your own bottle to refill with water is a must in today’s world of flying and environmental awareness. The Vapur bottle is a particularly nice version because of the way it rolls up when empty. No need for a big bottle to hog space when it’s empty! Can we say stocking stuffer?

Ice Mule cooler – If the traveler in your life is also a road tripper, then the perfect gift is a cooler designed for traveling. Meaning it is easy to carry, easy to stow, easy to fill with ice and goods, light enough to schlep around, and super insulated. We love our Ice Mule Traveler 35L, but if that’s too big for the gift you have in mind, there are smaller versions, too.

Icemule Traveler Cooler Perfect Travel Gift

Gifts from HI Travel Tales – If you are looking for a perfect and unique travel gift, one that will inspire the traveler in your life and bring a smile, then look no further than the photography and artwork stores from the HI Travel Tales team of Michael Hodgson and Therese Iknoian. From wall prints to puzzles, greeting cards and even Christmas ornaments, a gift that features the award-winning travel photography from our travels is sure to please. If you find a photo that you think would be a perfect gift that is not in the store, just drop us a note and we’ll be sure to get it there for you!

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