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Explore the world with us. We’ve been to 43 countries and all 7 continents. Countries we have written about are colored in deep blue. Countries we have visited, but not written about yet are colored in a steel blue. Countries where we have not yet visited, but one of our guest travelers have written about, are colored in mint blue. Click on the orange dots to open city guides. Ready to get inspired? Click on any country we’ve written about to go directly to our stories.

Learn To Take Great Travel Pics

We're passionate about travel photography!

Photos and videos from your travels will help your memories live on. We know those memories are important and want to be sure your photos and videos get a "WOW" response, rather than a "hmmmmm."  Our travel photography tips will ensure you quickly learn how to bring home awe-inspiring images and videos – even if you’re shooting with a smartphone.

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