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Hotel fitness centers promise innovation to keep travelers inspired

Staying with a fitness regimen while on vacation can be a challenge. Many hotel fitness centers are uninviting caves with no windows or full of old equipment, and you are not familiar with the city you are traveling to or have any idea where to walk or run. But there are exceptions as we point out here.


Where to run or walk during Rocky Mountaineer stops

The Rocky Mountaineer train trips across Western Canada are spectacular. Nevertheless, after a long day sitting on the train, stretching out your legs on a run, walk or saunter during any of the Rocky Mountaineer stops is a must.

Fresno Underground Gardens: Highway 99 stop for curious travelers

The Underground Gardens tourist destination offers an intriguing tale for all ages that is well worth a stop. The Underground Gardens is what it sounds like: A weaving labyrinth of caverns, rooms and passages all dug underground and filled with fruit trees, vines and plants in spaces that open to the sky. This oddity was built – or shall we say, dug – by Italian immigrant Baldassare Forestiere for about 38 years starting in 1906.