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Stasi Museum – Berlin museum brings alive Stasi terror

The Stasi Museum Berlin brings alive the terror lived by GDR’s residents for 41 years before the Berlin Wall fell. Inside the musuem walls a visitor is reminded why the Stasi secret police force of former East Germany was one of the most feared agencies in Europe.

Discovering Florida adventures – so much more than theme parks

Believe it or not, there are amazing Florida adventures to be had that do not involve theme parks. You just have to know where to look, and it’s in the water. Guest writers Ed and Jennifer Coleman of Coleman Concierge provide insider tips on kayaking, airboats, scuba diving, swimming with manatees and more.

Transformative travel – learning while traveling

I arrived at my photography workshop eager and excited for learning while traveling, but also more than a bit nervous. “Why?” asked one of the instructors earlier by email when I mentioned a couple of months prior that I was a bit anxious. “We don’t bite.” No, they...

Dutch Flat 4th of July water hijinks and parade

Dutch Flat 4th of July celebration is a parade with water hijinks and loads of fun! Historic Dutch Flat in California boasts a population today of about 200 (“if everybody’s home,” a local adds) but the numbers swell on July 4 for good reason — the town is FUN!!!

Stumbling into a fencing flash mob in Budapest

A fencing flash mob is not your everyday sight in Budapest. We were on our way to find a particular off-the-beaten path sight when we turned a corner and saw a WHOLE LOT of fencers, no really, like hundreds. We had to check it out and learned it was a European...

Meet Michael & Therese

Michael and Therese celebrate with sparklers.We’re Michael & Therese, the two behind the curtain at HI Travel Tales. You can learn more about us here.

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