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Planning for stress-free international family travel

International family travel provides a great opportunity to create lasting memories that span generations. Yet despite the allure of visiting magical places with centuries-old history, discovering new foods, or playing in the waves on a tropical beach, we remain surprised how many people tell us they have never traveled outside of the country or consider it for a family getaway. There’s a reason many families decide never to tackle international travel: Preparation can appear stressful in so many ways. International travel takes planning (unless you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person, which often won’t work as well with families usually)....

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A beginner guide to taking great travel videos with a smartphone

Traveling and taking photos along the way is quite expected – in particular these days with everyone carrying a smartphone in their pocket, pack or bag. However, too many smartphone travel videos are hard to watch with various problems – changing focus or simply out of focus, over exposed or too dark, colors washed out, and more. Want to take great travel videos with a smartphone? Of course you do, and it is much easier than you think. It starts with having the right gear, apps and accessories. And then there are a few basic video tips to keep...

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We flew Turkish Airlines to experience the electronics ban – updated 7-13-17

(This story was updated on July 13, 2017) When we first heard about the electronics ban the week of March 21, 2017, we were already confirmed to fly Turkish Airlines. Although there would be no problem flying to our destination via Istanbul, coming home in mid-April was shaping up to be a bit more complicated. As travel journalists, we typically carry a number of electronics that were not now going to be allowed in our carryons – computers, tablets, cameras, video equipment, and other electronic camera gear. Of course, this was a perfect opportunity to test the process and learn first-hand how this electronics ban would be affecting travelers.

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7 travel tips to save money when traveling internationally

Travel doesn’t have to be overly expensive if you plan properly. There are simple ways to avoid all the added fees and charges that less experienced travelers may incur. Here are 7 travel tips to save money the next time you are traveling internationally: Use only credit cards that offer no foreign transaction fees — This is important not only when traveling abroad, but also when booking travel with foreign companies when still at home. If you use a credit card that charges foreign transaction fees to purchase train tickets in France, a hotel in Barcelona, or a domestic...

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Buying the best travel insurance for your trip

You’ve booked your trip for a dream vacation, but you’re just not sure about buying travel insurance. After all, it seems like an added expense and how do you know which is the best travel insurance for your trip anyway? Let’s stop right there. You need travel insurance when you travel, unless you are so wealthy you can afford your own medical expenses and possibly the expense of medical transport back home.

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Pacsafe Venturesafe X30: Versatile anti-theft adventure backpack

Daypacks are certainly comfortable and convenient to wear when traveling, but beware carrying anything valuable. You can’t see what’s going on behind you, and pickpockets know this. Which is why we typically opt for anti-theft packs like the Pacsafe Venturesafe X30 adventure backpack. The trouble too with many daypacks suitable for travel — and certainly most anti-theft backpacks we have reviewed — is that they aren’t so good at playing many roles – on urban streets, rural trails, and mountain peaks – i.e. from urban exploration to outdoor hikes. HI Travel Tales demands versatility from is goods to ensure...

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Visit Antarctica – A bucket list destination for many travelers

Antarctica. That one word for many inspires dreams of fulfilling a traveler’s bucket list to visit Antarctica. Antarctica’s siren call has become the stuff of legend, pulling mariners and explorers toward her shores for decades. Add in an other-worldly landscape of mountains, sea and ice, killer whales, and herds of elephant seals, and there is little wonder so many of all ages jump at the chance, even with an other-worldly price tag to visit Antarctica ($7,000 to $15,000 for 13 days and up, and up to $35,000 for longer). And some find they are drawn back again and again.

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