California railbiking: pedaling Skunk Train railbikes in Mendocino

by Oct 6, 2020California

Skunk Train Railbikes Mendocino California

On a Skunk Train Railbikes Explorer Package, pairs of riders pedal a two-seat, motor-assisted railbike along historic railroad tracks beside Pudding Creek and up into majestic redwood groves. Trips depart from Fort Bragg, Calif.

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A quiet clickity-clack and an occasional squeal were the only sounds as the rubber wheels of our railbike glided over railroad tracks beneath towering redwoods, passing in and out of the sun. A motor assist made pedaling almost ridiculously easy. With no need to worry about steering, I let my mind wander and enjoyed the passing beauty as I breathed in fragrant mountain air.

Therese Iknoian and I were on a Skunk Train Railbikes Explorer Package adventure in Mendocino County, Calif.  The seven-mile roundtrip departs from the depot in downtown Fort Bragg year-round, traveling along the Pudding Creek Estuary to the turnaround at Glen Blair Junction.

Railbiking California - The Depot for the Skunk Train in Fort Bragg

The railroad tracks we traveled were some of the first tracks ever laid down by the California Western Railroad in 1885. Trains operated as a division of the Fort Bragg mill (Union Lumber Company, Boise-Cascade). In the mid-1960s, Arizona-based Kyle Railways began managing the railroad and its Skunk Train passenger service, and purchased it in 1987. Then, in 1996, a private group, Mendocino Railway, purchased the railway and began operating it as an independent business. In 2019, the company added railbiking as another option to taking the Skunk Train.

Skunk Train Railbikes Head Out From The Depot In Fort Bragg

What are railbikes?

Railbikes are pedal-powered carts that resemble recumbent bikes in how you sit and pedal. The specially designed carts feature large rubber-covered wheels for quiet, smooth rolling over railroad tracks. Companies such as the Skunk Train, and its sister company River Fox Railbikes in Sacramento, typically design their own versions of a railbike, but each is decidedly similar in approach, with either two or four-seat versions. Some, such as Skunk Train railbikes, offer a motor assist (just like you find on an electric bike) to help with the uphill sections.

Track Bike Used On South Fork Logging Railroad

Railbikes are NOT new. This “track bike” as it was called in the early 1900s is on display in the Depot Mall & Museum in Fort Bragg.

Pedaling them is relatively easy, making it a suitable adventure for any age or level of fitness.

One person in each cart becomes the designated driver, operating a hand brake to ensure you don’t go too fast or bump into carts in front of you, and controlling the level of motor assist needed.

Skunk Train Railbikes turnaround at Glen Blair Junction

Skunk Train Railbikes Turnaround

Once we reached Glen Blair Junction, we disembarked for a 50-minute layover. Our guides turned the railbikes around and pushed them to the end of the tracks in preparation for the Skunk Train which arrived 30 minutes later – the nose of the giant engine car nearly kissing the front of the lead railbike. During the break, one of our guides offered a short bit of history to those interested.

Skunk Train Meets Railbikes At The Glen Blair Junction

While on the layover, there are picnic benches if you choose to sit (they get pretty crowded when the arriving passengers from the Skunk Train disembark for their 15-minute break). Bring a snack or beverage, if you want since nothing is available there.

Railbiking Skunk Train Redwoods Mendocino

At Glen Blair, there is a short loop trail of about a mile. If you do it clockwise, the first section is flat, then climbs (over the beautiful arch stone bridge), then heads downhill back to the start. If you only do part of it, then do it counterclockwise (ignore the arrows!) and just go up to where you can look down on the tracks above the tunnel the Skunk Train once traveled through. If you want to avoid hills, just go straight out until it turns uphill and turn around. Allow 30 minutes for the entire hike but since it includes a good uphill section, judge your ability and timing well. If you opt for the hike, be sure to arrive back in time to watch the Skunk Train chug off back to the depot. Once the train departs, it’s time to mount up and head back too … under pedal rather than the train’s diesel power.

Arch Stone Bridge Skunk Train Redwods Hike

Trips go rain or shine, so dress accordingly. And be sure to pack along a camera or smartphone, water, sunscreen, snacks, rain gear, and insect repellent, depending on the time of year.

Therese Iknoian And Michael Hodgson Selfie On A Skunk Train Rail

Taking the time to snap a selfie as we headed back to the depot in Fort Bragg.

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Disclosure: Therese Iknoian and Michael Hodgson were fully hosted by Skunk Train Railbikes for this adventure. Any reviews, mentions and opinions here are our own, and are not approved, provided, or otherwise endorsed or influenced by the Skunk Train or any of the attractions mentioned.


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