Best holiday travel advice – Stay healthy, stress-free and safe

by Nov 20, 2018Planning

When holidays or vacation travel approaches, the best holiday travel advice will save you money, time and stress.

We are on the road constantly — in trains, in cars, on planes, on short travel, on long trips, with or without family or pets. We’re using our years of experience to bring you the best vacation travel advice – from how to travel without stress, how to not get sick, keeping valuables safe, deciding whether you get travel insurance and of course the best travel packing advice, among all kinds of other topics involving health, money, safety, stress, fitness and many more insider travel tips.

How to travel without stress

No matter how you slice it, travel can be stressful. Even travel you are looking forward to. In this story, we take a look at planning, preparation, advance verification, and how far it can take you if you are nice to everyone, despite possible stress. Of course, even knowing how to fit in a workout can keep stress at bay. Being with family on a vacation or for the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t get out for a walk or run. Our tips on fitting in fitness will keep you on track.

How not to get sick when traveling

Coming down with some sniffles or worse while you are on a trip – be it a holiday or visiting family or friends — is a nightmare. The best holiday travel advice we can give you is DO NOT wait till you are getting sick to take precautions, including all that hand-washing, wiping down airplane arms and trays, closing the lid on public toilets before flushing, even using your sleeve over your hands to open doors or hold onto bus rails. We have a  number of stories on this, from 8 simple ways to stay healthy, to travel hacks for fighting germs in public places, to how to deal with migraines on travel.

Keeping valuables and you safe when traveling

Getting passports or money stolen, suitcases rummaged through, or finding out your credit card has been stolen or your bank account hacked into is no fun and often just the start of a long, painful ordeal. And that is just a few of the safety concerns travelers need to be aware of. We have you covered in our Safety & Security section. Find out about Virtual Private Networks, keeping money secure, keeping valuables safe, and some of the safety gear we personally trust.

Do I really need travel insurance?

Our best holiday travel advice to you is, be sure you have the right travel insurance for your trip. How do you know? We care about the topic of travel insurance so much we dedicate an entire section to it to answer your every travel insurance question, including a vital story about an insider method to use insurance to make your airfare refundable and tips from the experts on whether you need evacuation insurance.

Packing, prepping and planning

 Our 3 P’s of travel – planning, prepping and packing – cover all the best travel packing advice. The best holiday travel advice we can give you here is to plan ahead. Putting off the packing and planning won’t make it less stressful in the end. So figure out in advance the best ways to pack your gear – we swear by our Eagle Creek Travel Cubes – and then pare back to 1-2 pairs of shoes, and a lot of mix and match. Remember, you can always book a refundable hotel or tour so you know you have something in the bag while you continue to watch prices. If they drop, you can book another and then cancel your first.

Looking for other best holiday travel advice tips not covered above? Then we are very sure our travel tips section will answer your questions. It is filled with the best travel advice for the holidays, family travel, business travel or your next vacation, all from our decades of international travel experience.

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