Why we like Global Rescue memberships for medical evacuation coverage

by Dec 16, 2019Insurance

Learn why we like Global Rescue, a leading membership organization providing integrated medical, security, travel risk and crisis response services to travelers worldwide.

Medical and security emergencies happen, anywhere in the world. When they do, travelers need a reliable partner; thus, we have chosen Global Rescue, the world’s leading membership organization providing integrated medical, security, travel risk and crisis response services to travelers worldwide.

There are over 1 million members who trust Global Rescue as the means to get home and get care if the worst happens. Without Global Rescue coverage, an emergency evacuation could cost at least $100,000, if not significantly more.

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Eleven things you should know about Global Rescue

Medical EvacuationGlobal Rescue is standing by with fully deployable medical teams that are ready to transport members back to their home hospital of choice, from anywhere in the world. Teams are there to help with a member’s rescue from the point of illness or injury for any serious medical emergency – even on Everest or in the deepest jungle.

COVID Transportation – If you test positive for COVID-19 and are symptomatic, but do not require hospitalization, Global Rescue’s medical advisory team will work with you to help you find accommodations if needed, testing sites, and more. If your symptoms worsen and hospitalization becomes necessary, then Global Rescue will provide medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility capable of providing appropriate care. Once you are hospitalized, Global Rescue will then work to transport you to a home hospital of choice.

Security Extraction – When Global Rescue members are faced with a threat that could result in bodily harm or a government evacuation order is declared, they will bring members to safety and transport them home. Their teams of military special operations veterans are immediately available to advise, deploy and extract members in the event of an emergency, natural disaster, terrorist attack or civil unrest. All transport costs are included in the cost of membership.

Travel Planning – Their intelligence teams monitor world events to provide real-time information on more than 215 countries and principalities worldwide, making Global Rescue an invaluable source of real news on which you can rely.

Emergency Event Alerts – Get notified with automatic alerts for medical and security events that could have an impact on your travel plans.


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GPS Tracking & Alerts – With the Global Rescue app (available for both iPhone and Android) you can send and receive alerts with geo-fence areas (virtual perimeters for real-world places) meaning you can notify, or be notified when people you care about arrive or leave. You can also use the app to manually check in with home to let everyone know you are safe.

Medical Consultation – Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year supporting members with critical care paramedics, nurses and physicians, and there is an exclusive relationship with the John Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations.

Visa & Passport Replacement – Yes, theft happens and when it’s a passport or visa, things can look pretty dim at first. Global Rescue will assist members with obtaining replacements for a lost or stolen passport or visa.

Translation Services – In trouble in a foreign country and need help in a language you don’t understand? Global Rescue has interpreters and translators standing by 24/7 who are fluent in more than 190 languages to help members in a crisis.

Legal Referrals – If needed, Global Rescue can provide members with referrals to legal representation in more than 160 countries.

IMG Signature Travel Insurance – IMG Signature travel insurance is the perfect add-on to a Global Rescue membership for travelers, providing coverage against a variety of unforeseen expenses while you’re traveling, giving you the added comfort of knowing the value of your trip is protected in case you need it. And yes, there are options for both “cancel for any reason” AND “interrupt for reason” travel insurance add-ons, essential in today’s ever-changing travel landscape. 

Global Rescue Banner Ad travel insurance for when it matters most

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