Ease your travel stress with our business trip packing tips. Traveling for business is challenging enough, even for frequent flyers. Trudging on and off planes, trains and automobiles while schlepping clothes and gear is hard. Mix in being forced to mingle with coworkers in hotels, restaurants and airport lounges – people you may hardly know outside of the office — and even the best of us can feel discombobulated.

There are ways to fight the stress, however. It starts with packing light, as we detailed in our recent article, Packing light: smart load-trimming tips. It continues with packing smart, as we outlined an another article, Pack smart for travel: 10 steps to list, assess, pack! And it doesn’t hurt to be familiar with practical hints and travel veteran workarounds — such as having a packing checklist, folding techniques to prevent wrinkles, quick fixes to make those few that do appear go away, and insider know-how to help you remove that darn gravy stain from your fave power shirt before the meeting.

Thanks to our friends at Quill, who provided this infographic below packed with nifty business trip packing tips, you’ll be able to spend more time thinking about your trip, small talk with coworkers, and how you are going to rock the meetings. And you can just forget about all those niggling details, like tackling persistent wrinkles and an errant stain.

Business Trip Packing Tips, Checklists & More

Business trip packing tips

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