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Thai Park Berlin a feast for eyes and tummies

by Berlin

A Photographer’s Diary – Thai Wiese

Germany’s capital of Berlin offers every international food imaginable, in restaurants, street markets or, in the case of the most authentic Thai food in the city, spread across a park. Thai Wiese (Thai Park) comes alive on weekends ready to satisfy eyes and tummies on the search for flavors beyond wienerschnitzel and wurst.

The subject: Thai Wiese, as it is known as in German (Thai meadow), grew from Thai residents gathering to picnic in Preussen Park in the city neighborhood called Wilmersdorf. Word spread, entrepreneurship kicked in, Thai Park was born. Get your Thai fix of some of the best Thai food in Berlin every Saturday or Sunday between April and October. Bring a blanket.

The inspiration: All of the little tables and stands selling you-name-it is a feast for the eyes. One man joyfully sells hundreds of dumplings from his stand. One euro each, pick from eight or so types of fillings, from meats to vegetarian. All brightly colored, making them look all the yummier. You pick, he fries, you pay, you eat, you smile.

Photographer’s tools: I am starting to experiment with my new camera, the Sony A6500 (crop frame). Although I particularly like a medium zoom lens for its flexibility (18-105 mm, in my fave case so I don’t have to fool around with changing lenses). In this case, however, for portability on public transit in Berlin, I had popped on my new 30mm (F2.8) lens. Less obtrusive in this case among all the people, and I was quite close to the action anyway. For this particular photo of frying dumplings in Thai Park, I was set at 1/160th of a second at f/6.3. I prefer to avoid over-processing, so this has only the simplest of touches to bring out the dumpling colors a bit more. This was taken in April 2017.

Heads up! This information on the Thai Park in Berlin was accurate when we published it on HI Travel Tales, but, as we know, traveling is all about changes (and inflation, sadly). It is your sole responsibility to confirm prices, transportation schedules, hours of operation, safety and health considerations, and any other important details before your adventure.