10 best travel gifts for mom or any traveling woman

by May 2, 2019Gift Guides

No matter whether it’s Mother’s Day, a birthday, or any other holiday, gifts for the traveling mom are a step above chocolates and flowers. Plus, the traveling mom — or any traveling woman – will think of you every time she uses the travel gift you picked out!

Take a look at our gift guide below for the best travel gifts for mom:

10 best travel gifts for her

Traveling tubs, containers and totes

Silicon cosmetic containers — There is always some kind of liquid or lotion to pack, and it’s always better not to take the entire large container. Little silicon tubs and tubes are great to pack along small amounts. Plus, they don’t leak, and are soft so they don’t take a lot of space once partly filled. Available in various sizes, shapes and colors, you can pick the ones that will best suit as a gift for the traveling mom in your life. These containers are part of our tips for packing light which you can read about here, “Packing light for summer travel: 10 easy tips.

Nite Ize RunOff waterproof packing cubes and cases – Nite Ize, one of our favorite brands for all kinds of practical travel gifts, now has a line of travel pouches and packing cubes that are waterproof with a special zipper so you can compress the bag, eliminating the air and saving space. Of particular interest is the 3-1-1 bag. Forget plastic zip bags that invariably tear or leak. Get this for either a permanent pouch for your carryon liquids 3-1-1 bag or to seal liquids reliably in your suitcase. These cubes and cases are certainly one of the best travel gifts for mom! Packing cubes are an essential part of any smart travel strategy, which you can read more about here, “Pack smart for travel: 10 steps to list, assess, pack!.”

Fashionable and secure accessories

Secure slings and purses – Even a traveling woman wants to look decent, and a small sling or purse is ideal for carrying just the bare essentials next to you. Add the security of RFID pockets and slashproof straps, and the traveling woman or traveling mom will find this to be the best gift ever! Fashion and security. One of our favorite brands is Pacsafe.

RFID travel wallet – RFID security in a wallet is a must for any traveler, and it is often overlooked. One of the best travel gifts is taking the time to find one for your mom. We lean toward the simplicity of the Sea to Summit RFID Travel Wallet, particularly the small one. Pocket-size, an inner zip pouch for change, card slots, and the outside slash pocket is awesome for metro tickets or a receipt. See more travel security gear we have tested in our story “Travel security gear we rely on anywhere we go.

Shoes and clothes make the traveling woman

Chill Angel merino wool pajamas or night shirts – We all sleep, right? Make it a better sleep with comfy merino wool pajamas from Chill Angel that are high on the cute factor too. Traveling women can’t be bothered with doing laundry too often, and these items made of merino mean you won’t get sweaty, and you can wear them much longer. Plus, they help regulate sweats and chills. I adore these! Read more about how good these PJs are and why we think they are worthy of a “best travel gifts for mom” mention in our story “Best travel pajamas: How to choose comfortable sleepwear.” Oh, and did you know that as a Subscriber Club member, you get 15 percent off any Chill Angel order!

15% off Chill Angel travel pajamas and lounge wear

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Lightweight travel footwear – Sure, we need to be sensible if a lot of walking is on the agenda, but sometimes you have to mix sensible with a little sleek cuteness too. Arcopedico has such an amazing line of super lightweight footwear for the traveling woman. Yet, they offer support too. Choose from lace-ups or slip-ons. I particularly like the ones with stretch tops that help fit feet that perhaps can’t usually wear slip-ons well.

Merino wool underwear – If you are looking for the best travel gifts for her, how about some undies that wash and wear? Both briefs and bikinis of today’s super fine and soft merino wool are really comfy, dry well, breath and offer good hygiene. Then there’s the bras, too, that fit great and offer the same superior qualities. Brands include Smartwool and Icebreaker.

Powered up, plugged in and cyber secure

USB cyber security – The USB plug is ubiquitous these days for staying powered up – in hotels, airports, planes, wherever. But they can offer criminals a great way to grab your data. Keep the traveling woman in your life cyber-safe with a USB data blocker. It’s itty-bitty, and you just plug it in to the public USB port and then plug your USB into that. Easy and the best gift for travelers.

Powerbanks – In today’s day and age, the phone or tablet can be sucked dry quickly. And for those travelers who rely on smart devices, a small powerbank is ideal. I personally use a small one from Anker that fits in the palm of my hand and into pockets well even when plugged in so you can keep using your device.

Stuffable and tote-able

Stuffable daypack or sling – A small, ultralight, stuffable bag or pack is also a must in our books when on the road. It snuggles into your pocket or bag, offering extra space when you suddenly decide to pick up a few necessities, gifts, groceries or schwag from a trade show. Plus, this travel gift will be the gift that keeps on giving, since it just always gets tossed into a suitcase for that just-in-case moment. We have used ones from Osprey, Sea to Summit, and Eagle Creek, so what you pick as your best gift for the traveler will depend a bit on the style, you want, lightness, pockets and strap structure. I prefer a small daypack compared to a shoulder bag since you can always put it on and then still put a sling over your shoulder. Some of these stuffable packs are VERY ultralight so you also need to draw a line between super duper light and perhaps a bit more oomph in the straps for comfort.

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