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Tips for eye-catching fall color photography anywhere you travel

For a photographer, fall is the best time to be traveling back roads, paths and wooded areas in pursuit of color. After all, fall color photography is all about capturing autumn’s dramatic landscapes in images that leave the viewer in awe. To get the best images — ones that convey the emotion of seeing the depth and intensity of color fall offers — you can’t simply point and shoot because you are just relying on the colors in front of you for your success. Instead, you need for example to take into account lighting, composition, and camera accessories such...

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A beginner guide to taking great travel videos with a smartphone

Traveling and taking photos along the way is quite expected – in particular these days with everyone carrying a smartphone in their pocket, pack or bag. However, too many smartphone travel videos are hard to watch with various problems – changing focus or simply out of focus, over exposed or too dark, colors washed out, and more. Want to take great travel videos with a smartphone? Of course you do, and it is much easier than you think. It starts with having the right gear, apps and accessories. And then there are a few basic video tips to keep...

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Photography tips for improving your travel and street scene images

As a journalism major in college, I rounded out my writing studies with numerous photography classes. Street photography always seemed to draw me in – people, places and scenes that tell a story and are key for improving your travel photography. What I learned then still applies today. Whether you have a fancy camera or smartphone, the following photography tips remain essential to improving your travel and street photos. Wait I like waiting. Sometimes you see a scene and think, “oh wow!” and just snap. Sometimes it makes for a better photo if you see the scene (go ahead...

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9 top tips for taking amazing landscape photos

Who hasn’t pointed a camera at a jaw-dropping scene outdoors, only to be disappointed later at how little the photo resembles the soaring mountains, translucent skies, and luxuriant green hills? Landscape photographer and instructor Rick Saez has a few tips for those seeking amazing landscape photos that truly show off what you saw out there. If you like what you see, take a look here to find more about upcoming landscape photography workshops, including at the ghost town of Bodie and for fall colors in the Eastern Sierra. Read on for an overview of Rick’s top landscape photography tips...

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10 Simple Tips to Take Better Travel Photographs

Travel photos (whether they are with a smartphone or a digital camera) are such an important part of many adventures and vacations. Considering the number of questions I receive each year from family, friends and clients, it’s clear a lot of travelers are still looking for ways to make their travel photos better. Here are 10 simple tips that will help you take better travel photographs.

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