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by Dec 5, 2022Berlin Region

Sunset Die Welt Balloon Berliner Dom Berlin View

Germany’s capital city of Berlin is not lacking in high places for great views of the Berlin skyline. 17 places top our ultimate list of scenic Berlin views for you to enjoy.

There is truly something magical about climbing a hill, scaling some stairs, or even taking an elevator to get a great view of a city skyline from a high spot. Berlin — Germany’s vibrant capital city — is not lacking in high places for great views.

Our list of high viewpoints includes 17 places to get a great view of Berlin. We’re including a few scenic viewpoints that are on many travelers’ lists because they do offer great views and you just can’t leave them off a list like this. We also however recommend a few spots that are perhaps less than obvious to a traveler visiting Berlin for a few days.

Not all of these views of Berlin will offer broad and sweeping looks of the entire cityscape. Some may just get you high enough for a superior bird’s-eye view of a memorable Berlin landmark or plaza. But even those have something to offer when traveling in a city like Berlin. You get to look down on people who didn’t climb the stairs or didn’t discover the rooftop perch. You gain a new perspective of how a city sprawls and neighborhoods relate to each other. You may be able to better orient yourself once you are back at street level. You can also pick out sights and marvel at architecture from a new angle.

Some of these Berlin skyline viewpoints are also  historically or architecturally significant in their own right, so a visit becomes so much the richer.

Stairs To Everywhere in Berlin Gardens of the World

The stairs to the viewpoint in Berlin’s Gardens of the World and Kienberg Park is itself an architectural beauty called “Cloud Grove.”

Note that in all cases we have named the regular adult admission at the time of this writing. In most cases, there are certain discounts, such as with the Berlin Welcome Card for visitors, or lower prices for children. We have also given a short factual description, an insider tip to help plan your visit, as well as the Berlin district and nearest landmark or public transportation stop.

Come along with us as we “summit” Berlin to gain a great high view of the city!

The tried-and-true Berlin skyline views

Most traveler guides will mention most, if not all, of these. It helps that these essential skyline views are all in the central “Mitte” district so they are easy to access. We’ll give you the insider tips on what to expect from these scenic viewpoints of the Berlin skyline.

Berlin TV Tower View

Signage in the TV Tower’s observation deck helps explain what you see, although glass keeps views from being as pristine.

TV Tower (Fernsehturm)

Panoramastraße 1A, 10178 Berlin (Mitte/Alexanderplatz)

Just the facts: The TV Tower is THE icon of Berlin, opened in 1969 by then-East Germany. On a clear day you can see 50 miles so it’s a striking view from the 666-foot-high top “bulb.” The Berlin TV Tower, at 1,207 feet to the antenna’s top, remains the tallest structure in Germany.

Fees: From EUR 22.50 for the observation deck. Additional fees for the “Berlin’s Odyssey” VR experience and special events.

Keep in mind:  Not an inexpensive experience, a visit to the iconic TV Tower is still memorable with its architecture, history and sweeping views. Be sure to book in advance, especially for popular times such as sunset or weekends. All views are from behind glass.

View Of Berlin Skyline From Panoramapunkt

From the Panorama Point, you can look also back on the TV Tower.

Panorama Point at Kolhoff Tower (Panoramapunkt)

Kollhoff Tower, Potsdamer Str. 1, 10785 Berlin (Mitte/Potsdamer Platz)

Just the facts: Not the highest view in Berlin, the Panorama Point is very centrally located at Potsdamer Platz, which was a vacant area in “No Man’s Land” in the divided city. You get two open-air floors 328 feet up from the street and a history exhibition with photos.

Fees: 9 EUR. No-waiting VIP tickets also available.

Keep in mind: Despite not offering as high view of Berlin as the iconic TV Tower, the Kolhoff Tower Panorama Point gives you a real feel for the city with a detailed history exhibit with vintage photographs that is outstanding. Get a great feel for the Berlin of the past here.

Reichstag viewpoint Berlin skyline

A visit to the Reichstag is memorable for many reasons, not to mention great views back at the TV Tower, Red City Hall, and Berlin Cathedral.

Reichstag Rooftop Terrace (Parliament)

Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin (Mitte/Brandenburg Gate)

Just the facts: The historic parliament building’s rooftop terrace with its glamorous, architecturally stunning modern glass dome is one of the most visited sights in Berlin – and for good reason. History was made here over the centuries. Views AND history, combined.

Fees: Free! However, you must have registered in advance – sometimes weeks in advance – to find available tickets.

Keep in mind: If you did not book in advance, there is a service center where you can try to nab last-minute tickets. Photographers, take note: Sunset is spectacular, but those times go fast. In addition, guards do not seem concerned about tripods, and there are no limits on length of stay.

HITT Tip: On the Reichstag rooftop terrace, there is also a high-end restaurant if money is no object – no observation terrace booking needed, just a restaurant reservation. However, due to security because of its location, you must have a table booked, and you must give the full names and birthdates of all parties. Plus, you must show a photo ID for entrance. Note, this grand restaurant has huge windows and in nice weather a pretty spectacular outdoor terrace for seating.

Berlin high views from Victory Column

The Victory Column is a glamorous must-see sight. From its top, you can look down the boulevard at the Brandenburg Gate, and all those other sights in central Berlin.

Victory Column (Siegessäule)

Großer Stern, 10557 Berlin (Mitte/Tiergarten park)

Just the facts: The slim, gold-topped Victory Column sits in the middle of a spiral of traffic in the five-point roundabout in the sprawling Tiergarten park. Dating back to 1873, the column at nearly 200 feet high allows you to feel like a bird ready to soar over the park.

Fees: EUR 3.50. No lift and not wheelchair accessible.

Keep in mind: Don’t just climb the 285 steps, enjoy the high view, and leave. There is a little history exhibit in the foyer and great lights and echoes in the tunnel to the column. The small park around it also is a fun place to watch traffic go by and a setting sun turn the column golden.

HITT Tip: if you are in Berlin in the summer, head over to the Teehaus im Englischen Garten just about a quarter mile away where you can sit outside in a green oasis for food or drinks. If you are lucky, you will be around for one of its free summer weekend outdoor jazz concerts.

Park Inn terrace-viewpoint Berlin skyline view

Not all high viewpoints in Berlin are accessible in the evening — but the Park Inn’s rooftop terrace is. No history, signage, or cafes up there. Just a sweeping view.

Park Inn

Alexanderplatz 7, 10178 Berlin (Mitte/Alexanderplatz)

Just the facts: A 37-floor hotel on the happening Alexander Square, the Park Inn has a high view of the Berlin skyline from its roof terrace that allows you to look AT the TV Tower right in front of you.

Fees: EUR 6

Keep in mind: The Park Inn hotel’s terrace is just that, a concrete terrace. One benefit is that it is open later in the evening and the view is not impeded by glass. Meaning a disadvantage is that it can be mighty chilly in the winter. For 6 euros you are just getting access to a concrete pad.

Scenic views with history

You won’t find these mentioned for their views of Berlin’s skyline although they may be noted as a historic or otherwise worthwhile sight to visit. We’ll tell you more about what you get.

Berlin Cathedral Dom Lustgarten view

The Berlin Cathedral gives you a peeping-Tom feel as you look down at the “Lustgarten” park. Our cover photo is also from the cathedral’s top as the sun sets.

Berlin Cathedral (Berlin Dom)

Am Lustgarten, 10178 Berlin (Mitte/Museum Island)

Just the facts: The cathedral, its glorious architecture, and the park in front should be on any traveler’s list to see in Berlin. If you are in Berlin during nice weather, the “Lustgarten” park is a beehive of activity, from balloons to frisbee-throwing to musicians and dog-walking. Bring a picnic!

Fees: EUR 9, with a discount using the Berlin Welcome Card that offers a range of discounts on tourist highlights such as a Spree River Cruise.

Keep in mind: Encircle the narrow balustrade around the top of the cathedral’s dome to get a 360-degree view of the city, the park, and the river. It is 541 feet high — enough for closer Berlin skyline views. You cannot take packs or bags up, so just hang a camera over your shoulder. Note: You must book a ticket in advance at the time of this writing.

Humboldt Forum Museum High View

Humboldt Forum

Schloßplatz, 10178 Berlin (Mitte/Museum Island)

Just the facts: You could spend an entire day, or at least an afternoon, enjoying the Berlin history presented at the former Berlin Palace, now a museum and cultural center called the Humboldt Forum. Inside, it houses several exhibitions, including a history of Berlin and of the building itself, and the courtyard called “Schlüterhof,” is a grand place to hang out that also hosts special events and concerts. But it’s the roof terrace that is a do-not-miss.

Fees: Free, timed entry required

Keep in mind: On a pleasant day, the terrace café bustles since the opportunity for broad views of Berlin landmarks with a drink or snack is prime in the inner city. But you can just hang out on the terrace, too. If you plan to go, check the website since it sometimes closes in inclement weather.

HITT Tip: The Humboldt Forum is right across the street from the Berlin Cathedral, so you could combine visits to both on one outing.

French Cathedral Berlin skyline view

A skyline view of Berlin from the French Cathedral on the Gendarmenmarkt. There’s that iconic TV Tower again.

French Cathedral (Französischer Dom)

Gendarmenmarkt 7, 10117 Berlin (Mitte/Unter der Linden)

Just the facts: This classic cathedral dating back to the 17th century sits on a grand square called the Gendarmenmarkt that is the site of so many festivals and concerts. Don’t miss it.

Fees: EUR 5.50

Keep in mind: This is another spectacular view that may not be super high but allows you to feel a bit like a peeping Tom as you watch activity on the square below. Plus, the cathedral’s architecture makes it all worth the visit. You will need to book a timed entry ticket.

Heavy Load bearing body Berlin high view

The so-called “Heavy Load Bearing Body” gives you a peek into former Nazi plans for Berlin that never happened. A tower with stairs next to this humongous cement block lets you look down on the behemoth and across the skyline and buildings.

Heavy Load-Bearing Body (Schwerbelastungskörper)

General-Pape-Straße 34A, 12101 Berlin (Schoeneberg/Julius-Leber-Bruecke)

Just the facts: This so-called Heavy Load-Bearing Body (yes, that is the name) is a massive 12,000-ton concrete structure installed in 1941 by the Nazis to assess whether the ground could uphold planned grandiose Nazi-era construction – which never happened. This concrete behemoth is 46 feet above ground and 60 feet below ground! It was too dangerous to the neighborhoods to destroy it and was opened to the public in 2009 for educational tours.

Fees: Free

Keep in mind: Does the name sound weird? It is, but definitely worth a visit. Educational signage helps you learn about what it is, why and how it was built, and the surrounding view from the top. Please visit the website prior to a visit since hours are limited and it is only open part of the year

Gasometer Night Berlin city view

Climbing the Gasometer is one of our most memorable Berlin experiences. Sadly, this view down on the structure will go away, but a terrace at the top should still allow Berlin views.


EUREF Campus 17, 10829 Berlin (Schoeneberg/Julius-Leber Bruecke)

Just the facts: Gasometers are low-pressure gas holders. The skeletal framework of the Berlin Gasometer was built in 1910 and operated until 1994. One could climb the framework on catwalks as part of a formal tour through 2020 – with magnificent views. However, that opportunity is now closed due to reconstruction of the facility into an event center. Officials say it will reopen in 2024 with a lounge at the top at 216 feet high.

Fees: To be determined upon reopening

Keep in mind: A rooftop lounge won’t be quite the exhilarating open-air experience as scaling the framework, but the historic gasometer should still offer Berlin skyline views at a different angle – with the opportunity for a snack or beverage.

HITT Tip: Both the gasometer and the Heavy Load-Bearing Body, above, as well as Viktoria Park, below, are all very close to each other and would make a great afternoon tour, perhaps combined with a visit to the Tempelhof Airfield nearby where the Air Bridge took place during the attempt by the East to block Berlin from supplies in the 1940s.

View Of Berlin Skyline With TV Tower From Zionskirche

Looking out over the Berlin rooftops and toward the TV Tower from the top of the bell tower at Zion Church.

Zion Church (Zionskirche)

Zionskirchplatz, Zionskirchstraße, 10119 Berlin (Mitte/Rosenthalerstrasse)

Just the facts: The Zion Church is a church that was hard-hit by World War II, not only its building by bombs but its congregation and outspoken pastor, too. It was a central meeting point for the war resistance efforts.

Fees: EUR 1-2 donation requested

Keep in mind: Normally only open Sunday afternoons, the 104 steps up the tower take you past the organ and allow a great bird’s-eye view into the church. It also sits on a slight rise in Mitte at the border with the Prenzlauer Berg district, so you feel like royalty looking down and across the city.

Kaiser Wilhelm-Church Bikini Berlin viewpoint

Winter is a particularly special time to get a little elevation over the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the Christmas market around it.

Bikini Berlin Shopping Center

Budapester Str. 38-50, 10787 Berlin (Mitte/Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church)

Just the facts: A very nice high-end shopping mall, yes, but head up to the 2nd floor (3rd floor in U.S. vernacular) to the outdoor terrace at the west end (Spreegold restaurant, at the time of this writing). To nab a view, ask nicely (or if the terrace is closed, just head out).

Fees: Free, unless you decide to have a meal or beverage

Keep in mind: Just three floors up, but here’s the secret: You get a fantastic view looking across to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and, if it’s winter, overlooking the Christmas market there at Breitscheidplatz. The view is especially magical if it’s after dark and everything is aglow.

Great Berlin views from parks

Getting into a city’s green spaces as a tourist can be a nice escape from city streets. Berlin has a lot of parks and some offer great hikes and walks, a little history, and of course those great views of the city. Head out of the center of town to visit these, and you will have tales of skyline views that most travelers will not.

Viktoria Park Waterfall view

Hike to the top of Viktoria Park to the monument there, as seen in the photo, for a Berlin view to the north.

Viktoria Park

Katzbachstraße, 10965 Berlin (Kreuzberg/Tempelhof Airport)

Just the facts: Viktoria Park is the highest point in Berlin’s inner city at 217 feet. Although south of the center of the city, the park with its views of the Berlin skyline is immensely popular. Lots of tables, playgrounds and a little beer garden, too.

Fees: Free

Keep in mind: Not far from Tempelhof Airfield, Viktoria Park offers a great walk up with far-reaching Berlin skyline views. At the top, you’ll find a rather odd memorial to the Wars of Liberation (or Napoleon’s wars). Locals tend to loiter and enjoy the view with some BYO beverages.

View Of Berlin From Humboldthain Flak Tower

View over the Berlin skyline from the Humboldthain Flak Tower, in itself a fascinating look at what was. See part of the structure to the left in this photo.

Humboldthain Flak Tower (Flakturm)

Hochstraße 5, 13357 Berlin (Mitte/Gesundbrunnen)

Just the facts: This massive Flak Tower and bunkers from World War II tower upward in this popular urban park. In part demolished after the war, the remains of the concrete monolith rest atop a rise in the park with stairs leading to the top for Berlin skyline views from a very different angle.

Fees: Free

Keep in mind: Located on the park’s north side, the flak tower won’t be hard to find – just follow signage or your favorite mapping app. Then enjoy the park’s trails and a beautiful peaceful rose garden nearby. Lots of other former Berlin Wall tourist sights nearby, too.

Therese Iknoian Looking Out At Berlin From Teufelsberg

Therese stands on top of one of the viewing platforms at Teufelsberg looking out over the Berlin city skyline.

Teufelsberg Cold War listening station

Teufelsseechaussee 10. 14193 Berlin (Charlottenburg/Olympic Stadium)

Just the facts: Teufelsberg former listening station sits atop a mountain of WWII debris at 394 feet, the highest rise in Berlin that is not natural. The complex operated as a U.S. listening station in the ‘60s to eavesdrop on East Berlin.

Fees: EUR  8; weekend tours in German or English, EUR 15; on-site parking, EUR 2

Keep in mind: Teufelsberg is truly a must-do in Berlin, with its combination of high skyline views, great street art, and Cold War history. If you come by public transit, you will need to hike through the northern part of the Grunewald Forest to reach Teufelsberg to take in the Berlin skyline. Enjoy the ever-changing street art everywhere and then climb up stairs to the former listening station’s terrace to take in sweeping views across the city at about 450 feet above sea level.

Gaerten Der Welt Berlin High Views

From the top of the “Cloud Grove” stair structure, you feel like a king looking out at your kingdom. These stairs are shown at the top of the story.

Cloud Grove at Kienberg Park (Wolkennhain)

Hellersdorfer Straße, Auf dem Kienberg 159, 12619 Berlin (Marzahn/Kienberg Gärten der Welt)

Just the facts: Built as a part of the International Garden Show held here in 2017, the architecturally delightful complex of interwoven stairs and platforms seen at the top of the story offers far-reaching views from the east of Berlin from its highest point at 395 meters above sea level, marked of course on the platform.

Fees: Free for Kienberg Park, fees applicable for Gardens of the World exhibits

Keep in mind: Be sure to enter Kienberg Park from the U5 underground line and the Kienberg Gaerten der Welt station (just 25 minutes from Berlin’s center). If driving, parking is on the street. From the subway station, you can enter the gardens’ eastern section and the “Wolkenhain” viewing platforms for free. It is wheelchair accessible.

Mueggel tower Berlin view. Photo by Sigrid

Michael and Therese point out the Berlin airport and other sights pretty far away from Müggel Tower. (Photo by Sigrid Doesseler)

Müggel Tower at Müggel Mountain (Müggelturm at Müggelberg)

Müggelturm 1, 12559 Berlin (Treptow-Koepenick/Koepenick)

Just the facts: The 100-foot-high Müggelturm stands atop the highest natural point in Berlin, the Müggelberg at 377 feet, offering panoramic views that on a clear day reach far and wide. The tower was reopened in 1961 after the original burned down and a new one built, before it also closed for a time and was then renovated and reopened for visitors in 2018.

Fees: EUR 4

Keep in mind: A beautiful treat about 12 miles or so outside of Berlin’s center, the Müggel Tower and the surrounding park lands offer a superior opportunity for a walk. Climbing the tower’s stairs is an inexpensive treat. You can either make it a long hike starting at Friedrichshagen or a short walk if you take public transit to Chauseehaus, or you can drive and park right at the tower. Be sure to stop in the quaint village of Koepenick for a look at the historic old town.

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