Urban Nation Berlin street art museum reopens with new exhibits

by Oct 8, 2018Berlin

After being open just a year, the Urban Nation Berlin street art museum re-opened with a reinvention that truly speaks to its roots. A new exhibit, redesigned interior with an authentic street feel, and a number of artists residences make this museum in Berlin a must to visit for art lovers of all kinds.

Under the direction of curator Yasha Young, Urban Nation continues to differentiate itself by being a living program both inside its four walls as well as in the neighborhoods of Berlin. Click here to see our prior story about the museum and its background.

Urban Nation Main Entrance

At the Urban Nation reopening in late September 2018 after a two-week closure, Young told HITravelTales she had eight months to plan the new concept of “the power of art as a social architect.”

“All of my words have been painted on walls,” she said at the grand reopening event. “I’m out of words. All I have to say is all you see here. Now we need people who love it, promote it, nurture it.”

Artists residences join the Urban Nation family

A highlight of the reopening was the unveiling of 11 artists residences next door that will house up to 33 artists each year – both up-and-coming and established street artists. Find out more about the residence program here. This feature will add to Urban Nation’s workshops and library that are key features of the Berlin street art museum.

Urban Nation Artists Residence

The street art museum’s interior is now a dark charcoal, with a grittier street feel and exhibitions of artists’ tools. Artwork on display comes from artists such as AdeleDFACEHerakutJames BulloughThe London PoliceMimi SShepard FaireyBorondo and others. The street art exhibits trace the roots of the art, explaining its genesis, culture and future.

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“It’s art,” said Young at the Urban Nation reopening. “It’s fragile. And it’s enormously powerful…. I think we can change the world with art.”

As always, the museum is free to all. The Urban Nation Berlin street art museum website has practical information about getting there.

Welcoming the VIP guests to the grand reopening of the Urban Nation.
A display showing the various tools used by urban or street artists to create their artwork.
At the grand reopening of Urban Nation, a woman eyes a piece of art in one of the exhibit halls.
Looking down from a staircase leading from the second floor exhibits and onto another interesting piece of artwork.
One of the many exhibits that works to explain the art, concepts and materials used in creating street art.
The curator, founder and director of Urban Nation, Yasha Young, speaks to the crowd gathered for the grand reopening of the Urban Nation Berlin museum.

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Urban Nation Berlin Street Art Museum

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