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by Jan 25, 2020Traveling Teddy Bears

Traveling Stuffed Animals - Dieter Bear In The Salt Flats

Traveling stuffed animals are perfect travel partners and friends. They never complain and are always ready for the next adventure, the next photo opportunity, or a really good restaurant. They listen intently to your every word. They are a constant reminder that imagination and a sense of humor inspire smiles and connections with strangers around the world. They travel free and often serve as a trip mascot, no matter what trip you are on. And they are always ready to offer a hug.

That describes our stuffed animal family members (a.k.a. our kids) that hit the road with us – often getting into a sibling spat about whose turn it is. Regardless who gets to go, every one is comfortable anywhere, in any situation.

The HI Travel Tales team began traveling with a stuffed animal or two several decades ago. We have photos of members of our stuffed family engaged in all sorts of adventures around the world. In a manner of speaking, our stuffed family serves as a sort of travel talisman. When one of us travels separately, it’s vital to have a furry friend along.

Deciding who gets to go on any of our travel adventures comes down to a discussion … imaginary of course, but don’t tell teddy & friends that. The family of creatures (Daddy! We are NOT creatures!) gets together to decide who from our collection of traveling stuffed animals might be best suited for each trip. It often comes down to personality, dress and size (Mommy, are you calling me fat?) And yes, sometimes one won’t leave home without his or her best furry friend.

Pingo In Disney World

From a sidewalk café in Berlin to a boat plying the waters in Fiji to a train winding its way through the Canadian Rockies, our stuffed and furry friends are veteran world travelers. They love to engage in conversation with others, each other, and us, and are eager for the next photo shoot (Mommy, fix my fur!).

Our family also loves to meet other stuffed friends around the world. Our traveling stuffed animals have had tête-à-têtes with monkeys, giraffes and bears in all corners. But they want more friends! (Daddy, can you have other people send us photos of their kids around the world? Puh-leeez?)

Orso And Elbe Meet Charlie In Cornwall

Our kids Orso and Elbe meet Charlie the giraffe just outside his B&B room in Cornwall, England. They were all thrilled, though when Charlie invited them to go scuba diving, Orso and Elbe did get a bit concerned their fur might matt.

So it’s time our readers admit they too travel with furry friends. Yes, we know what’s in that bag. Our kids would like to see your photos of your own furry family of traveling stuffed animals in different parts of the world! And they want to be friends. Click here to post your family photo of a traveling teddy, lion, camel or other favorite (or favourite, depending on whence you come) stuffed animal friend to our Facebook page or on Pinterest using the widget box below … we’ll share select photos and stories on our website.

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Meet a few of our traveling stuffed animals

Dieter – Born in a little village just outside of Munich, Dieter came into our lives by mail order, adopted from the DB (Deutsche Bahn, a.k.a. German Railway) gift shop. He grew up to become a very famous train conductor and enjoys helping people on and off trains. He especially loves checking tickets and offering transportation advice anywhere he goes in the world. Sometimes you have to wrestle the little ticket puncher from him since he can get a little carried away.

Dieter Posing For Profile Photo

Fox Fury – Adopted in the Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., Fox Fury continues to insist he is, in fact, a secret agent who was undercover in the museum when we found him. He specializes in investigating … anything. Menus, street signs, airport lounges, other museums, the inside of a carry-on, and hotel room minibars. We have at times found he can indulge a bit too much. But he says it’s part of his cover.

Fox Fury And The Dessert

Orso – He was born in Castell Brando north of Venice in Italy’s Treviso province. Though small in stature, Orso is as big of a thinker as the castle he came from. Orso (“bear” in Italian, proving we aren’t so creative after all!) is a lover of ideas, discovery, philosophy and books. He spends much of his day thinking, and often reminds us that no problem is too big that it can’t be solved over a meal of pasta, cheese, prosciutto and prosecco, topped off with chocolate, cappuccino, and gelato. We have to keep our chocolate hidden so his tummy doesn’t get any rounder than it is.

Orso In Hamburg Harbor

Elbe – She didn’t come into our lives until 2014, when we discovered her wandering the docks near several historic boats in Hamburg, Germany, on her namesake river. Elbe loves yachts, sailing and, of course, sailors. She also craves adventure and is always studying maps and dreaming of oceans and faraway lands (with a helping of chocolate for fuel). Careful, though, since her navigational skills aren’t as good as she thinks. Which is why she was wandering the docks all alone!

Elba In Business Class With Truffles

Lou – Born in the wilds of North America, we adopted Lou in 2011. Lou has a bit of a crazy streak (during one night on the town he got a “True Love” tattoo on his hip). Plus, he spends much of his time pouncing – onto beds, tables, other stuffed animals in the family, and into and out of luggage, not to mention onto us. He is also very brave and loves adventure, especially any adventure that involves mountain exploring and climbing. No, he does not miss the wild lands and foraging for food since now he gets chocolate and room service!

Lou In The Dolomites

BaaBaa – He was discovered scampering around the aisles of an outdoor and sports trade show in Munich, Germany. Eager to see the world, he practically leapt into Therese’s computer bag to escape the boring show halls. Wasn’t long before he discovered adventure was in his baabaa-blood so he’s pretty good at elbowing the other kids out of the way to go on trips. We have to watch out for that and make him share the journey.

Baabaa In France 0553

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