The experienced global travel team at HI Travel Tales knows what every business or holiday traveler wants and needs when it comes to receiving perfect travel gifts from family and friends. Little things — often items priced under $35 – can provide convenience and comfort. Or may even help save a little money. With that in mind, here are 10 perfect travel gifts (+ one for good measure), all under $35, that are sure to become a must-pack of your favorite traveler in the year ahead:

Monster Outlets To Go Power Strip


Perfect Travel Gifts - the Monster Power StripEvery traveler knows the pain of hunting for extra available plugs for the myriad of electronic devices we travel with today that are supposed to make life easier … until they run out of power or we have to get on our hands and knees to hunt for outlets. Treat the traveler in your life to freedom from the plug hunt in hotels and airport lounges with Monster Outlets To Go Power Strip. It boasts an ultra-flat design with a flat profile plug and flat cord with four available outlets, niftily designed with two wide-spaced outlets on each side (You could even share in the airport for your daily good deed). It also has a resettable circuit breaker to prevent damaging overloads.
Price: $20, but we’ve found it for $12 online.

Travelrest – The Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow

Perfect travel gifts - the Ultimate Travel Pillow
Yes, it is certainly less than conventional in terms of looks, but we know from personal experience that when you cuddle up to the Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow on a plane, train or in an automobile, your head and upper body are as comfortable and well-supported as possible, making it more likely you’ll be able to catch some zzzz’s while sitting. We certainly can. It inflates and deflates quickly to easily roll into a compact unit that weighs only seven ounces.
Price: $54, but we’ve found it for sale online for $27.

FosPower FUSE Universal World Travel adapter

Perfect travel gifts - Fos Power AdapterAs we pointed out in our Oct. 30, 2014 article “The Best Worldwide Travel Plug and Voltage Guide” every international traveler needs a plug adaptor to ensure the prongs on your device can fit into the sockets where you are. It’s a winning pitch to hear promises of working in more than 150 countries with four plug standards common in most of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, as well as the UK and some part of South America. Add two USB ports for additional charging options and your gift will bring smiles. Remember, though, this device (3.8 ounces) does NOT convert voltage. The FosPower FUSE Universal World Travel Dual USB AC Adapter Charger supports a maximum output of 3.1 amps and a built-in 6-amp 250-volt safety fuse for good measure.
Price: $30, but we’ve found it online for $15.

Gerber Daily Carry Zip Light and Bottle Opener

Perfect Travel Gifts - Gerber Zip LightEvery traveler needs a little light, for example when fumbling for that small item in a carry-on when the plane is dark, maneuvering in a hotel room while not disturbing a companion, trying to see were the lock is at the vacation rental when you arrive after dark, or even in case of an emergency. The Gerber Daily Carry Zip Light attaches to the zipper pull on a carry-on (we’ve found they are just too heavy for most jackets) to keep illumination near at hand. A quick-release clip lets you remove the light (a mere 0.3 ounces) with one hand, so you can use your other one to search out whatever you’re looking for.
Price: $12

Camry Digital Luggage Scale

Perfect travel gifts - Camry Digital Luggage Scale
No one likes to pay for baggage over the weight allowance (these days, averaging $50-$100 for 51–70 pounds and $100 and up for 71 pounds and over). Assessing the fees is increasingly more common too as airlines look for every dollar they can find. The Camry Digital Luggage Scale can help eliminate surprise fees by ensuring a traveler knows the weight of luggage before heading to the airport. The scale comes in bright colors, is designed to be easy to hold. It displays the weight of a bag in one-ounce increments up to a seemingly ridiculous 110 pounds (if you’re checking a 110 pound bag you deserve overage fees!). Weighs only 3.2 ounces if you want to tuck in the bag for the return trip.
Price: $30, but we’ve seen it priced as low as $10.50 online.

GoToob squeezable travel tubes

Perfect Travel Gifts - GoToob squeezable travel tubesYour traveler will love you for helping them acquire a selection of accessory bottles with super secure screw-on or pop-open lids — 2-ounce to 3.4-ounce maximum capacity (100 ml max size for carry-on, per security rules). GoToobs are made with soft, pliable yet still rugged silicone, making it easy to squeeze out lotion and potions to the very last drop. Lids seal tightly to avoid messy surprises.
Price: $25, but we’ve seen them for sale online for $21 for a package of three.

Loksak Neck Caddy with Lanyard

Perfect travel gifts - LoksakThe LOKSAK is a weather-proof, leak-proof, smell-proof clear bag that protects electronic devices from water, sand, humidity, dust and snow. Certified waterproof up to 200 feet (though we seriously doubt your traveler will use it for diving) the device’s touchscreen and audio quality function at 100 percent but stay protected. It comes with an LOKSAK branded lanyard. Perfect item for travelers visiting theme parks, resorts or on a cruise, not to mention as an overall protective case when on the go.
Price: $14.95

Chaos Summit Pack It Hat

Perfect travel gifts - chaos sun hatGotta protect your favorite traveler from the sun. And there is no better, compact, packable, sun-protection alternative than the wide-brimmed Chaos Summit Pack It Hat. UPF 50 sun protection and a sweatband that wicks away excess moisture make it a great take-along. Lightweight construction and a foam brim help keep the hat afloat – great on river trips, at the beach, or sun-drenched venue. An adjustable draw cord ensures the hat remains in place on windy days.
Price: $35, but we’ve found it for sale online for $23.

Allett RFID Passport Sleeve

Perfect Travel Gifts - RFID Passport SleeveIt is such a simple, yet valuable item – an RFID passport case. The new passports using embedded RFID chips that contain your personal data are prime targets for hackers around the world to steal your information. (RFID means “Radio Frequency Identification.) The HI Travel Tales Team loves the Allett RFID Passport Sleeve for both its simple looks and superior protection from prying thieves. It features a classy, thin, subtle design made with soft Napa leather. A pull-tab allows quick passport retrieval from the sleeve.
Price: $35

Thera-Band resistance exercise bands

Perfect Travel Gifts - Theraband fitness
Being on the road is not an excuse to skip exercise. But it’s not always easy to find a gym — or to find the time to get to one. A wide rubber exercise band is a lightweight tool that can serve as an entire home gym using only your body and some posts or tables. Different colors represent different resistances so there is a band for nearly everyone’s ability. So lightweight you don’t have to give a thought to tossing one in your bag (Sneak a peek into any HI Travel Tales suitcase and one will be lurking somewhere inside.) Variety packs combining different strengths for even more versatility.
Price: $4.99 for a single band, but various multi-packs and resistance combos also available.

Nite Ize S-Biner

Perfect Travel Gifts - Nite Ize SBinerYou never know when you’ll need to lash something to a pack or suitcase, from shopping bags and snacks to sweaters or water bottles. But it’s not always possible without lash points or various paraphernalia. The Nite Ize S-Biner is the answer and one of those small perfect travel gifts for anyone. Coming in a variety of sizes, they are like carabiners but shaped like an “S” with two snap gates that lock shut instead of one opening. You can attach it to a zipper pull or handle and always be ready for carrying that little something extra. (Tip: Tiny ones can be used to lock shut two zipper pulls together to make entry to your bags more difficult for thieves!)
Price: $2.19-$3.99 each for stainless steel, but also available in 2- to 3-packs and different sizes packed together, as well as plastic

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The experienced global travel team at HI Travel Tales knows what every business or holiday traveler wants and needs when it comes to receiving perfect travel gifts from family and friends. Little things — often items priced under $35 – can provide convenience and comfort. Or may even help save a little money. With that in mind, here are 10 perfect travel gifts (+ one for good measure), all under $35, that are sure to become a must-pack of your favorite traveler in the year ahead: