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Our Travel Tips section has the best advice for travelers, by travelers. Whether you are a casual tourist or a frequent globetrotter, you will find tips on planning, packing, choosing the best gear and what we use, staying healthy and traveling fit, saving money, shopping and communicating, capturing the best photo, and much more. If you can't find what you need by using the jump links, above, the search bar also above, or by scrolling through the page, below, simply contact us. We love hearing from our readers and are here to help whenever possible.


From choosing a destination to booking flights to knowing what not to forget (visas, passports, immunizations, travel insurance, etc.), you’ll find all the planning travel tips you need right here. Our most recent posts are below. To see all of our articles, go to the Planning section here.


Look here for tips and suggestions to guide your luggage choices and packing decisions (how and what), whether your holiday, vacation or business trip is for a few days, a week or longer. Our most recent posts are below. To see all of our articles, go to the Packing section here.


Who doesn’t want to save money on travel? In this section, you will find loads of insider travel tips that will help you save money and stretch your budget on travel today. Our most recent posts are below. To see all of our articles, go to the Money section here.

Start saving money on travel today with these 7 easy tips

Growing up, my parents were keen on getting the family traveling to see as many places across the Western states (and beyond) they could afford – from national parks, to amazing cities, to monuments, coasts and caves. And they were also experts at saving money on travel…they had to be. I learned from them, and now, can share what they taught me plus a few more tips of my own to help you save money while traveling right now.

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We’ve assembled some of the best travel tips for staying healthy. Learn how to fly comfortably, prevent travel sickness, avoid bed bugs, reduce travel stress, protect yourself from Zika, and so much more. Our most recent posts are below. To see all of our articles, go to the Health section here.

How to relieve travel stress when flying

No matter if you are traveling for business, to visit friends or family, or on a dream holiday, travel stress can take a physical and mental toll. Simply finding the time to pack, make sure you have the right toiletries, tie down things at work or home prior to...

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Travel hacks for fighting germs in public places

Staying healthy and ready for whatever travel adventure beckons is vital. Who wants to be sick in a hotel bed when the Roman Coliseum or the Great Wall are nearby begging to be seen? That makes fighting germs No. 1 on your to-do list when traveling since you can’t avoid public places!

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Not to be forgotten in all the travel enthusiasm is safety and security when traveling. No matter where you go in the world, this section’s travel tips will help keep you and your gear safe and secure. Our most recent posts are below. To see all of our articles, go to the Safety & Security section here.

We flew Turkish Airlines to experience the electronics ban – updated 7-13-17

(This story was updated on July 13, 2017) When we first heard about the electronics ban the week of March 21, 2017, we were already confirmed to fly Turkish Airlines. Although there would be no problem flying to our destination via Istanbul, coming home in mid-April was shaping up to be a bit more complicated. As travel journalists, we typically carry a number of electronics that were not now going to be allowed in our carryons – computers, tablets, cameras, video equipment, and other electronic camera gear. Of course, this was a perfect opportunity to test the process and learn first-hand how this electronics ban would be affecting travelers.

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Learn what travel insurance is right for you, what you need and don’t, and what to ask about policy coverage, benefits and prices. We have the best travel tips when it comes to travel insurance from industry experts. Our most recent posts are below. To see all of our articles, go to the Travel Insurance section here.

Choosing the best travel insurance for your trip

You’ve booked your trip for a dream vacation, but you’re just not sure about buying travel insurance. After all, it seems like an added expense and how do you know which is the best travel insurance for your trip anyway? Let’s stop right there. You need travel insurance when you travel, unless you are so wealthy you can afford your own medical expenses and possibly the expense of medical transport back home.

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Photos and videos from your travels will help your memories live on. This section gives you the best travel photography tips so you can bring home awe-inspiring images – even if you’re shooting with a smartphone. Our most recent posts are below. To see all of our articles, go to the Travel Photography section here.


Knowing how to communicate, even if it is simply with smiles and gestures, is essential for any traveler. Our language tips and downloadable cheat sheets will help you get around better. Our most recent posts are below. To see all of our articles, go to the Language section here.

A German language cheat sheet for travelers

Going to another country means you are a guest of that nation. Learning a few basic phrases – more if possible, especially if you are there longer or just love languages like I do– is the ticket to getting around better. People will just be nicer too! In this German...

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We have all the travel fitness tips you need to be able to stay fit and heathy while traveling. Look for program tips, how to pack for fitness when traveling, and creative ways to work out no matter where in the world you are. Our most recent posts are below. To see all of our articles, go to the Fitness section here.

Hotel room workout: Stay fit with what you have

Can’t get to a real workout room to strengthen and tone? No worries. You can do a pretty good job maintaining fitness with a hotel room workout that uses what you have in the room and in your luggage. A room workout just takes a little imagination. Think about each exercise you may normally do and then get creative with your own hotel room exercise routine mimicking its motions, using everything from your luggage to water bottles filled with water to chairs to even toilets!

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Look for gift guides for traveling kids and their parents, planning for stress-free family travel, learning how to share nature and travel with your children, star gazing with kids, and more. Our most recent posts are below. To see all of our articles, go to the Family Travel section here.

Gift guide for traveling kids (and their parents)

Kids are travelers – as are their parents – and sometimes a little safety, education, or entertainment for little ones on the road can be a great choice when you are looking for holiday gifts. Here are a few picks of gifts for traveling kids from HI Travel Tales and our traveling friends.

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What you wear or use can make or break travel. So we offer you advice on all that travel gear – from choosing the best travel luggage or apparel, to the travel security gear and small items we won’t travel without. If we use it, we’ll recommend it and tell you why. Our most recent posts are below. To see all of our articles, go to the Gear section here.

Five tips for staying warm in Antarctica

Antarctica brings up a stark vision of snow, icebergs, glaciers, wind, and barren landscapes. With a high sensitivity to cold climes, it was not a place I was begging to go. The key to staying warm in Antarctica is to combine the right fabrics and fit for apparel and...

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