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Travel Health


How to fly safely: Travel tips to stay healthy while flying

Reading Time: 6 minutes Maneuvering airports and airplanes is now a riskier activity with coronavirus and the inability to minimize contact. So, when you start flying again, the question will be how to fly safely. That will mean taking extra precautions to stay healthy while flying and at the airport.

Travel Insurance Tips


How good is evacuation coverage or travel insurance for coronavirus?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Travelers are concerned about coronavirus and wondering if travel insurance will protect them if they decide to cancel or change their travels or get sick with coronavirus during their trip. We talked to experts at Global Rescue and World Nomads to find out how good evacuation coverage or travel insurance for coronavirus really is.

Travel Photography Tips


Learning night photography is a journey

Reading Time: 6 minutes Travel photography is a skill that takes a little focused diligence – but one that will come in handy for taking better photos on your next vacation. Learning night photography takes you and your photography skills to another plane – one that teaches you a bit about yourself and your camera too.

Packing For Travel


Safety & Security Tips


Top hotel safety tips: Your hotel room safety is important

Reading Time: 6 minutes There is a lot you need to take personal responsibility for to ensure your hotel safety: from knowing how to escape a fire and deal with potential theft, to what to do in the event of an unlikely terrorist attack. Your hotel room safety is very important, and you need to be prepared. That starts by following a few key hotel safety tips.

Language For Travelers


Start to learn languages – Top language learning apps and websites

Reading Time: 7 minutes A look at some of the best language learning apps and language learning websites available today. The best ways to learn languages, aside from immersive experiences, are with language tools you can use at home, online and offline, that you can take with you when you travel.

Gear Tips


A perfect travel coffee maker: The coffee fix for travelers

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you need your java fix, nothing less that a perfect cup of coffee will do. But how do you get the coffee you want and like when traveling? Not so difficult if you pack the right travel coffee maker, gadget, bag or grounds to make sure you get your java, your way.

Money & Travel


Keeping Fit


Travel Fitness: How to stay fit while traveling

Reading Time: 3 minutes Traveling for business or pleasure can play havoc with even the best travel fitness plans. Travel is not routine so why would we expect travel fitness to be?

Family Travel

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