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Our Best Travel Tips section has the best advice for travelers, by travelers. Whether you are a casual tourist or a frequent globetrotter, you will find tips on planning, packing, choosing the best gear and what we use, staying healthy and traveling fit, saving money, shopping and communicating, capturing the best photo, and much more. If you can't find the travel tips you need by scrolling through the page, below, or using the search bar in the upper right corner of this page, simply contact us. We love hearing from our readers and are here to help whenever possible.

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Packing light for summer travel: 10 easy tips

Every time I hear somebody say what a struggle it is to take only one piece of luggage on a trip, I wince. Really, it is not hard, especially if you are packing light for summer travel. Packing light just takes a little change in mindset.

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Traveling together – 10 reasons why relationships fail

Whether you’re currently in a relationship or you plan to enter one soon, traveling together with your partner can be one of the best ways to determine if you are, indeed, compatible as long-term partners. Traveling together can uncover any one of the 10 reasons why relationships fail.

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