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We have all the travel fitness tips you need to be able to stay fit and heathy while traveling. Look for program tips, how to pack for fitness when traveling, and creative ways to work out no matter where in the world you are.

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Tips to stay fit while traveling

Hotel room workout: Stay fit with what you have

Reading Time: 4 minutes Can’t get to a real workout room to strengthen and tone? No worries. You can do a pretty good job maintaining fitness with a hotel room workout that uses what you have in the room and in your luggage. A room workout just takes a little imagination. Think about each exercise you may normally do and then get creative with your own hotel room exercise routine mimicking its motions, using everything from your luggage to water bottles filled with water to chairs to even toilets!

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Travel fitness advice: Packing, clothes and gear

Reading Time: 5 minutes What you pack along will have a huge impact on whether you workout or how comfortable you are when you do. A friend of mine used to always have a just-in-case workout bag in his trunk “just in case a workout broke out,” he’d say. And that’s our travel fitness advice too. If you aren’t prepared, you won’t get your healthy fix in.

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Travel fitness tips: Plan ahead to stay on track

Reading Time: 5 minutes Once your trip is planned and you’re thinking about how you can cut back wisely (per the advice in our article “Travel fitness tips: You can stay fit if you adapt”), it’s time to start plotting. Should we say planning? Nah, plotting. It’s time to “plot” hotels, tours, sightseeing, travel departure times and all that other stuff so it doesn’t make fitting in even a short workout totally impossible.

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Fitness tips for travelers: You can stay fit if you adapt

Reading Time: 3 minutes The key to taking workouts on the road successfully is, one, not letting the travel control you and, two, learning to be flexible. A little planning before you pack your briefcase or travel duffel goes a long way toward avoiding frustration plus setbacks in your hard-earned fitness.

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