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Look here for travel packing tips and suggestions to guide your luggage choices and packing decisions (how and what), whether your holiday, vacation or business trip is for a few days, a week or longer.

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Packing Tips & Advice For Travelers

Packing light for summer travel: 10 easy packing tips

Reading Time: 4 minutes Every time I hear somebody say what a struggle it is to take only one piece of luggage on a trip, I wince. Really, packing light is not hard, especially if you are packing light for summer travel. Packing so your luggage is lighter and smaller just takes a little change in mindset. Here are 10 easy packing tips.

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How to pack for a bike tour

Reading Time: 7 minutes When a daily activity like cycling is part of your travels, determining how to pack for a the tour and what goes in your suitcase and carry-on can get complicated.

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Packing tips for the eco-conscious traveler

Reading Time: 4 minutes For the eco-conscious traveler, sustainability is a lifestyle that drives all day-to-day choices. And packing for a holiday is no exception. Here are some suggestions for what to pack, and what not to pack, to ensure that you’re traveling with environmental and cultural sensitivity in mind.

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Business Trip Packing Tips: Fight wrinkles & worry

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ease your travel stress with our business trip packing tips. Traveling for business is challenging enough, even for frequent flyers. Trudging on and off planes, trains and automobiles while schlepping clothes and gear is hard. Mix in being forced to mingle with coworkers in hotels, restaurants and airport lounges – people you may hardly know outside of the office — and even the best of us can feel discombobulated. There are ways to fight the stress, however. It starts with packing light, as we detailed in our recent article, Packing light: smart load-trimming tips.

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Essential Travel Comfort Items To Pack

Reading Time: 4 minutes No one likes to travel in discomfort, and frankly, being airplane and airport experts ourselves, you can trust the HI Travel Tales team when we tell you, acquiring select travel comfort items might be the most important travel item purchases you’ll make.

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