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Not to be forgotten in all the travel enthusiasm is safety and security when traveling. No matter where you go in the world, this section’s travel safety tips will help keep you and your gear safe and secure.

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Travel Safety & Security Tips

Top hotel safety tips: Your hotel room safety is important

Reading Time: 6 minutes There is a lot you need to take personal responsibility for to ensure your hotel safety: from knowing how to escape a fire and deal with potential theft, to what to do in the event of an unlikely terrorist attack. Your hotel room safety is very important, and you need to be prepared. That starts by following a few key hotel safety tips.

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Travel safety – Understanding State Department travel advisories

Reading Time: 5 minutes State Department travel advisories can be confusing. We help to clear up the questions about travel risk, and talk with a travel security expert at Global Rescue. No matter which countries are on your travel agenda in the coming weeks, months or years, be sure you are a smart traveler and know what to do to minimize your travel safety risks.

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Travel security gear we rely on anywhere we go

Reading Time: 4 minutes These days, traveling safety and the travel security gear you use should be top of mind. We’re experts on travel safety and share the travel safety gear we use and rely on – including anti-theft bags and RFID wallets from Sea to Summit, Eagle Creek, Pacsafe, and more.

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We flew Turkish Airlines to experience the electronics ban – updated 7-13-17

Reading Time: 9 minutes (This story was updated on July 13, 2017) When we first heard about the electronics ban the week of March 21, 2017, we were already confirmed to fly Turkish Airlines. Although there would be no problem flying to our destination via Istanbul, coming home in mid-April was shaping up to be a bit more complicated. As travel journalists, we typically carry a number of electronics that were not now going to be allowed in our carryons – computers, tablets, cameras, video equipment, and other electronic camera gear. Of course, this was a perfect opportunity to test the process and learn first-hand how this electronics ban would be affecting travelers.

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Stay safe when traveling in trying political times, but please travel!

Reading Time: 4 minutes No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, 2017 and beyond may mean U.S. citizens will need to take a few added precautions abroad to stay safe when traveling. But this advice doesn’t mean you should rethink traveling. Just the opposite in fact. Now, perhaps more than ever before, travel is essential to demonstrate to the world that American citizens as a whole are good people.

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How to blend in when traveling and not look like a tourist

Reading Time: 5 minutes How to blend in as a traveler is the wish of many, but how to achieve that traveler’s nirvana can be baffling. There you are, standing in line at a store in a different country thinking you look just like the locals, then the cashier takes one look at you, and addresses you in English. What?!?

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