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From choosing a destination to booking flights to knowing what not to forget (visas, passports, immunizations, travel insurance, etc.), you’ll find all the travel planning tips you need right here.

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Our Best Travel Planning Tips

Virtual travel experiences to tour the world when you can’t leave home

Reading Time: 9 minutes Virtual travel experiences are available all around the globe. It is possible to travel virtually from home for planning or pure enjoyment. We’ve assembled a comprehensive guide to the best virtual tours around the world, including museums, art exhibits, live concerts and theaters, national park tours, street art tours and virtual tours of various cultural destinations and sights.

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The ultimate travel planner: International trips

Reading Time: 7 minutes International travel is a lot of fun, but it takes a bit of trip planning — visas, passport, airline tickets, hotels, and more need to be confirmed often several months in advance of your planned departure, which is where our ultimate travel planner for international travel comes in.

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Why is it flying sucks when travel is great?

Reading Time: 13 minutes Ask most any traveler these days to name the one thing they hate most about traveling, and flying will likely top the list. For many of us, the experience of flying sucks all too often. But we can work together to make it less painful.

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