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Our Travel Library features essays, photos, video, artwork and journal entries from travel writers (and some wise teddy bears) that will draw you in, make you laugh, cause you to shed a tear or two, but most of all, we hope will inspire you to get out, explore more, savor every bite, and then share your narrative with us. Travel is not something one does to check a box. It is that place where cultures, places, people and adventure intersect. If you can't find what you need in the travel library by using the jump links, above, the search bar also above, or by scrolling through the page, below, simply contact us. We love hearing from our readers and are here to help whenever possible.


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Slow travel: becoming part of a place

It doesn’t come easily, this crashing into a place. I am not a traveler, not really. I am a creature of habit, slipping smoothly into routine. From one country to another, I unfold and refold my clothes, placing them in the same stacks in different drawers. I buy...

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Remembering Christmas in Germany far from home

It was my first Christmas far away from home. I was 21 and an exchange student in Germany - a country that is very very into celebrating the Christmas season. I realized that when I discovered the country had what was called “First Christmas” and “Second Christmas,”...

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Lost in Translation: Funny Chinese English on warning signs

The eleven signs with funny Chinese English in this post are part of our second offering in a series of stories on funny Chinese-to-English translation fails. If you missed it, be sure to check out “Lost in Translation: Fire warnings become funny Chinese signs.” Now, without further ado, funny Chinese signs with extremely humorous translation fails focused on warning the public about something or other.

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Lost in Translation: Fire warnings become funny Chinese signs

Chinese English translation fails are legendary and the stuff that inspires countless online spoofs, digital highlights, published humor books and even plays. You don’t have to spend more than a few hours in China before funny Chinese signs and translations begin to leap out at you inspiring raised eyebrows, giggles and even outbursts of laughter. And while we were told by a local that there was an official Chinese government office in charge of vetting and approving English translations, it’s staff apparently needs to spend more time actually learning English rather than how to work Google translate.

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