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Travel Tales features essays, photos, podcasts, and journal entries from travel writers (and some wise traveling teddy bears) that will draw you in, make you laugh, cause you to shed a tear or two, but most of all, we hope will inspire you to get out, explore more, savor every bite, and then share your narrative with us. Travel is not something one does to check a box. It is that place where cultures, places, people and adventure intersect.

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An entertaining stay-at-home travel itinerary in the age of coronavirus

Reading Time: 3 minutes You are stuck at home because of coronavirus stay-at-home requirements from governments and health agencies. Looking for things to do? This is your ultimate stay-at-home travel itinerary … where every day will be the same and only your imagination will limit your travel adventures. Tongue planted fully in cheek!

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My Travel Tales with Luis Vargas of

Reading Time: < 1 minute Luis Vargas, founder of, talks with us about transformative travel, curated experiential travel, and how his vision for a new type of travel company will help travelers connect with the intersections of art, music, food, culture, history, design, and fashion on a truly local level.

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Teddy Bear Wisdom: Travel with your best friend

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dr. Whoo and Tony believe it is so much fun to travel with your best friend. And, as you can tell, they are not exactly similar in style or even appearance though they have become the best of friends. And that is because they have learned to work together, listen to each other, encourage each other, and communicate openly and honestly.

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