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You've landed on our Destination Travel Tips page. Pop around for a little exploration by continent (we've visited all 7) and region (you'll find Central America as a separate category) and spend a bit of time reviewing our stories, photographs and posts that will highlight the places we found inspirational. Be it in Europe, Asia, the South Pacific (ok so Australia is the continent, but go with us here, ok?), South America, Antarctica, or North America (we've not written about Africa yet) you'll find destination travel tips that will inspire your curiosity. Go on, take a peek. If you're looking for a destination in particular, hit that search button in the upper right of the page. Happy travels.

North America Destination Tips


South America Destination Tips

Arakur Resort & Spa – Ushuaia’s hilltop retreat Score 93%

Arakur Resort & Spa – Ushuaia’s hilltop retreat

The Arakur Resort is a spectacular hotel that overlooks the city of Ushuaia, Argentina, and specializes in comfort, quiet and pampering ... which is exactly what you want after making your way to the southernmost tip of South America appropriately dubbed "the end of the world."

South Pacific Destination Tips


Visit Papua New Guinea: Tribal dances, Goroka Show, friendly people

There were a great many unknowns leading into our 14-day Papua New Guinea adventure with Journeys International. Safety in Port Moresby was a concern as was hygiene, malaria, the quality of food and drink, and transport reliability. Although there were a few minor glitches, everything went to plan and it was easy to enjoy the friendly people in Papua New Guinea, a seldom-visited part of the world.

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