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Yes, it is true that Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and least-populated of any of the world’s continents. It is wilderness in the truest sense of the word. It is also a continent protected by an international collaboration that is, especially when seen through the lens of past and current global conflicts, unprecedented. And it is home to some of the most amazing wildlife imaginable – penguins, seals and whales to name but a few. For all of these reasons, and hundreds more, Antarctica worms its way into your soul. Its silence becomes a call you will hear in your dreams forever.

Download "Antarctic Silence" - an original piece of artwork by Michael Hodgson depicting two kayakers in Paradise Bay, Antarctica.  The download and printable art is free for our subscribers.

Discovering Antarctic silence in Paradise Bay

Discovering Antarctic silence in Paradise Bay

It was the slap of kayak paddles that snapped my head around. We were floating on a Zodiac, engine silenced, in the middle of Paradise Bay. At the behest of our boat driver, everybody on our raft with 10 people was doing his or her level best to sit still, listening...

Five tips for staying warm in Antarctica

Five tips for staying warm in Antarctica

Antarctica brings up a stark vision of snow, icebergs, glaciers, wind, and barren landscapes. With a high sensitivity to cold climes, it was not a place I was begging to go. The key to staying warm in Antarctica is to combine the right fabrics and fit for apparel and...

Visit Antarctica – A bucket list destination for many travelers

Visit Antarctica – A bucket list destination for many travelers

Antarctica. That one word for many inspires dreams of fulfilling a traveler’s bucket list to visit Antarctica. Antarctica’s siren call has become the stuff of legend, pulling mariners and explorers toward her shores for decades. Add in an other-worldly landscape of mountains, sea and ice, killer whales, and herds of elephant seals, and there is little wonder so many of all ages jump at the chance, even with an other-worldly price tag to visit Antarctica ($7,000 to $15,000 for 13 days and up, and up to $35,000 for longer). And some find they are drawn back again and again.

Antarctica Tours -- Suggested Tour Operators / Cruises

The following are tour operators and cruising companies we are familiar with and feel very comfortable recommending.

  • Journeys International - Journeys is a tour operator that works directly with local companies and organizes trips around the world.
  • Polar Latitudes - This company focuses only on the Antarctica and utilizes small, expeditionary ships outfitted for safety and comfort.
  • Quark Expeditions - This company explores both the Arctic (north) and Antarctica (south), also using small, expeditionary ships.

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