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What to do in Bergen: The ultimate Bergen city guide

Reading Time: 9 minutes Our What to do in Bergen city guide will help you make the most of your upcoming visit. It is so very easy to fall in love with Bergen. Visit Bryggen a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Theta Museum, the Bergen Maritime Museum, Bergenhus Festning, and ride the Fløibanen funicular for starters.

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What to do in Oslo: The ultimate Oslo city guide

Reading Time: 9 minutes Our Oslo city guide will help you make the most of your visit. Central Oslo is compact, cozy, walkable and enjoyable, especially with our Ultimate City Guide to Oslo. You’ll see Norway’s Resistance Museum, Akershus Fortress, The Viking Ship Museum, the Royal Palace, Vigeland Park and so much more.

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Cheery red flowers on barren trees in Kirkenes, Norway

Reading Time: 2 minutes On a few hour break from our Hurtigruten ship, the Midnatsol before it would depart the dock to head back south along the Norwegian coast toward Oslo, we took a little walk through Kirkenes. Although mid-day, it felt more like twilight and everything was icy and snow-covered. We ended up along the banks of an inlet with Nordic skiing tracks.

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Kirkenes – Arctic light becomes artist’s delight

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kirkenes is located in the farthest (and iciest and darkest) reaches of northeastern Norway, a stone’s throw from the Russian border. It is approximately 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle off the Barents Sea. The small town serves as the northernmost port for the Hurtigruten coastal ferry and the northern terminus of the E6, the main road that runs north-south between Kirkenes and Oslo.

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Colorful Buildings Along Trondheim’s Nidelva River

Reading Time: 3 minutes Trondheim is a colorful city, and while it is the third largest city in Norway, it feels much more intimate than its size might imply. The Nidelva river runs through the city, beside the Nidaros Cathedral and past an historical area called Bakklandet situated on its banks north of the Old Town Bridge.

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Food and drink on Hurtigruten cruises in Norway

Reading Time: 6 minutes You’ve booked your dream Hurtigruten cruise up the coast of Norway. Time to get ready for the onboard experience. Of course, a key part of this experience is food and drink on the Hurtigruten cruises in Norway. We learned by doing, and we hope you can also learn about Hurtigruten food choices and Hurtigruten drink options from our personal experiences.

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Eight reasons to visit Trondheim

Reading Time: 7 minutes How many reasons do you need to visit Trondheim, Norway? Trondheim is one of Norway’s oldest cities and also boasts a vibrant cultural life. Despite its size, its historic city center still feels intimate. Visit Bakklandet, Old Town Bridge, Nidaros Cathedral and walk the Nidelva River.

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Choosing Hurtigruten cabins: differences, details

Reading Time: 6 minutes Prepping and planning for your Hurtigruten voyage can be a challenge, especially when it comes to picking the best cabin class for you among the many Hurtigruten cabins since there are 14-plus different types and shapes, although not all are available on all ships. Still, weighing out your ROI (Return on Investment!) is key. Do not just pick the cheapest Hurtigruten cabin OR the most expensive OR leave it to the Hurtigruten staff to necessarily steer you straight.

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Bergen’s Theta Museum: tiny room with a huge story

Reading Time: 5 minutes It was a secret room then and, for many, it remains a secret museum and hidden room today. It is the itty-bitty Theta Museum, a minute 170-square-foot (16 square meters) low-ceiling room hidden away on an upper floor of the Bryggen wharf area in Bergen. The museum was the headquarters of the Theta Group, an important part of the Norwegian Resistance during WWII. Fascinating in its story, the room was reconstructed exactly how it looked when it operated with a few young men and one woman from 1940-1942 as their secret headquarters.

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Aurora borealis: hunting the northern lights around the world

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hunting the northern lights is, for many, a lifetime dream – viewing a night sky ablaze in phosphorescent green light that seems to move and swirl like luminescent smoke. The northern lights are a natural phenomenon that through the centuries has inspired legend, mystery, fear and awe. We had been teased the night before with a mild show of light, but this swirl is what greeted us on Nov. 15 as we exited a replica Viking king’s house following a theatrical “feast” near the Norwegian village of Stamsund. There were no words …. Many just stood and stared.

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Hurtigruten cruise excursions – Insider tips and advice

Reading Time: 8 minutes Once you get your Hurtigruten cruise along the coast of Norway booked, it’s time to start thinking about what Hurtigruten cruise excursions you may want to add on – or if you can do some on your own. Like a regular cruise line, the Hurtigruten cruise ferries do have shore and city excursions that cover everything from city walking tours and bus trips to museums to a dinner at a Viking museum or dog sledding.

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