There is so much to see and do in Budapest! Use our travel map of Budapest below to help you decide where to go, what to do next, and even find your way from one fantastic sight, restaurant or place to stay to the next. If it is on our map below, we’ve been there and can recommend it. Simply click on any pin to launch additional details about any sight. Links will take you to additional information as appropriate. Use the navigation feature at the bottom of our map of Budapest to plot a route once you are in the city — using Google’s directions to determine a best route for walking, driving or public transit.
TitleAddress DescriptionDirections
Parliament Building
Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3, 1055 Hungary

The Parliament building on the shores of the Danube. You can spend hours just looking at it in different light, it is so splendid.

Ghetto Wall - Jewish Quarter
Budapest, Király u. 15, 1075 HungaryIf the gate is open at No. 15, walk in and go all the way back. There, you find a 30m section of the old Jewish Ghetto Wall rebuilt in 2010.Directions
Jewish Synagogue
Budapest, Dohány u. 2, 1074 HungaryThe Jewish Synagogue is the largest in Europe and fantastic, but so are the exterior exhibits you can see from outside the fence, including the Holocaust Tree of Life Memorial in Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park.Directions
Carl Lutz Memorial
Budapest, Dob u. 12, 1072 HungaryA fascinating memorial to Carl Lutz, who saved many Jews by giving them false papers.Directions
Cave Church
Budapest, Sziklatemplom út, 1118 HungaryAnother funky little sight to see is the Gellert Hill Cave church on the Buda end of the Liberty Bridge.Directions
The Castle Museum
Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 1014 HungaryThe Castle Museum is fascinating because you can walk through and down into restored palace rooms (restoration still in process in some places!) dating back 2,000 years in some cases.Directions
Shoes on the Danube
Budapest, Shoes on the Danube Bank, Id. Antall József rkp., 1054 HungaryShoes on the Danube is one of the most moving memorials we have ever seen – anywhere.Directions
Fisherman's Bastion
Budapest, Szentháromság tér, 1014 Hungary

The architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is stunning, and there are plazas and small parks to sit and enjoy a bit too. Sights include Matthias Church and Fountain, the Fishermen’s Bastion…

Hospital in the Rock Museum
Budapest, Lovas út 4, 1012 HungaryWe were skeptical. Sounded so touristy, although the caves in the Budapest area are the stuff of legends. We were wrong. Do not miss taking this tour!Directions
Ervin Szabo Central Library
Budapest, Szabó Ervin tér 1, 1088 HungaryReally, we are telling you to go to a library. This one – filled with people doing library things, like studying and finding books – is the former Wenckheim Palace and spectacular inside.Directions
Ricsi's Street Food
Budapest, Dob u. 40, 1072 Hungary

Sandwiches, bowls, fries, knishes, dumplings, and more – all more than you can imagine in their creativity and spices and all dairy and pork free without a microwave in site.

Hunyadi Restaurant and Café
Budapest, Hunyadi János út 15, 1011 Hungary

Castle Hill is a beautiful sight, but when you want to escape the press of tourists, just a short jaunt below the hill on the Buda side sits the Hunyadi.

Mandragora Restaurant
Budapest, Kacsa u. 22, 1027 Hungary

In a small neighborhood on the Buda side, the Mandragora is a family-run restaurant with homemade food that will warm the cockles of your heart.

Spinoza Cafe
Budapest, Dob u. 15, 1074 Hungary

A tiny café in the Jewish Quarter definitely caters to post-all-nighters with breakfast all day, but really it’s for everyone in search of a filling, homemade, extremely reasonable breakfast – superb granola, fresh fruit, eggs off the griddle, super rich coffee.

Gerloczy Cafe & Hotel
Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 1, 1052 Hungary

You will absolutely love the Gerlōzy Hotel on the Pest side of Budapest.  Rooms are basic but the hotel restaurant is notably spectacular and well known.

Budapest, Bem rkp. 16, 1011 Hungary

If your inclination is more toward fancy business hotel with a view, you should consider the Art’otel on the Buda side of the river — many rooms have a spectacular view of Parliament — and where we stayed for one night upon finishing our ExperiencePlus! bike tour along the Danube River to Budapest.

Bus 100E Airport Express
Budapest, Deák Ferenc tér, 1052 HungaryDirections
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